Top Cats After School Club and Holiday Club
Top Cats After School Club is for active and creative boys and girls aged 4-7 years in school classes Reception to the end of Year 2.
We offer a mini bus collection from Caversham schools.

There is a warm wlecome and a nutritious tea awaiting hungry after schoolers followed by many fun activities to get stuck into.

Run by a dedicated Top Cats Team of professional child care and arts education specialists, this is the place to be Monday to Friday during term time.

Whether your child is sporty, arty, a book worm, a team player or a lone ranger, loves construction, drama and music, or horse play in the great outdoors they will find that at The Orchard, the Top Cats Club suits them perfectly. With their own Club House, school age children can really rule the roost and find their special talents.
With a child-centred approach, we tailor our sessions around the needs and experiences of the children.

There is always a vast range of toys, games and equipment available for child initiated play including lego, kinex, dressing up and role play, puzzles, painting and colouring,

Every day some sessions will be structured and adult lead and will serve as a choice for club members.

This might be a rolling project involving large scale painting, or a drama project, or a construction activity.

Partnership with parents comes to the fore at The After School Club. We do make every effort to share informally with collecting parents details of their child’s afternoon. Each child has their own club book. These are used daily and the children love to show these to parents with enthusiasm.

“At Top Cats they help each child find their talent.” Michael, aged 7