A broad range of sessions providing flexibility and choice.

Academic Year Places

We offer Academic Year Places which are for Reading’s official term dates only. Fees are as for normal nursery places plus 10% during the 39 term time weeks. Your place is held but no fees are due in holidays or half terms.

Sibling Discount

We offer a 10% reduction on the lowest invoice when two or more siblings attend at the same time and the total bill exceeds £250. This applies to All Year Round places only and is not applicable to Extras or to Holiday Club fees.

Late Collection

There is a £10 late collection charge for each 15 minutes or part thereof

after 6pm. (This covers staff overtime. Two staff must remain on duty)

TopCats Holiday Activity Club

Fees are not refundable in the event of cancellation.
Places are limited and subject to availability and are given on a first come first served basis.
Holiday Club places are only available for children who have already started school.

Early Years Funding

Please Note : Early Years’ Funding is applicable to 38 weeks of the year and not the full 39 weeks of the school year only. Fees are payable for a child attending sessions at the Orchard during “Week 39”.

A little girl is face painting

Sessional Nursery Fees  
Full Day8am - 6pm£66
Short Day8am - 3.30pm£53
Morning WHALES 3+
8am - 12pm£37.50
Morning DOLPHINS 3's
To Include Lunch
8am - 12.30pm£43
Afternoon WHALES 3+
Includes Tea
1pm - 6pm£41

Nursery Optional Extras  
Breakfast (bookable on the day)8am - 9am£50p
Lunch: WHALES (may be added to mornings or afternoon sessions - & is already included in Full Day & Short Day fees12pm - 1pm£10
Dance Lessons (with Mo, our visiting dance teacherThursday Mornings£4
Extra hour or part thereof (subject to available space & only in conjunction with existing sessions)£8
extra half hour£4

Top Cats After School Club  
Daily FeeWeekly Fee
1 Day£20£20
2 Days£19£38
3 Days£18£54
4 Days£17£68
5 Days£16£80

Top Cats Holiday Club Fees  
Full Day8am - 6pm£39
Short Day8am - 3.30pm£33