pretty summer garden viewThe nursery recognises the role of the parent as the child’s main, first and ongoing educator and carer. A good working relationship with parents is essential because of the importance of continuity in shared care. Partnership depends on open and regular communication which acknowledges the contribution of both parties. Effective partnership enables us to provide a happy, caring and stable environment for children.

Taken from our Policy on Partnership with Parents

family group

What makes the Orchard Day Nursery a very special place is hard to define. Perhaps having the owner, Humphrey, still working very much hands on after 25 years adds a unique quality. Perhaps it is the landscaped garden, from which you  rarely hear the noise of the Henley Road as the ground slopes gently towards the Berry Brook and farmland beyond and is wrapped on all sides by protected trees. Perhaps it is the wonderful, hard working Caversham families who make such effort, despite their busy lives, to connect with one another and provide support as they raise their young children as part of a rich community.

It’s not a new phenomena that life long friendships are borne out of connections made at the nursery. But there is a current group of mums and dads who are taking  things to another level and have started a Family Group that organises fun meets regularly.  Watch this space for news of how the group evolves and how to get involved!